K ]

Kosher Fit or allowed to be eaten or used according to the dietary or ceremonial laws of Judaism.  Certification for adherence to the laws governing kosher foods, including coffee.

L ]

Lemon The fresh zippy scent or flavor of lemon peel or zest found in coffee.

Licorice A candy-like smell or flavor found in coffee, characteristic of licorice root.

M ]

Malty A flavor fault that produces the odor of roasted cereal grains, walnuts or maple.

Maragogype A variety of Coffea arabica distinguished by extremely large, porous beans and low yield. Also: Maragogipe, Elephant Bean

Mature Coffee Coffee held in a warehouse for two to three years.  Mature coffee has been held longer than old crop coffee, but not as long as aged or vintage coffee.

Mellow Used to describe a sweet coffee that is well-balanced with low to medium acidity.

Mild A taste sensation associated with mellow.A smooth and soft or sweet washed coffee.

Milling The mechanical removal of the entire dried fruit husk from dry-processed beans or the dry parchment skin from wet-processed beans.

Mondo Novo A modern coffee variety that is a natural hybrid between typical and bourbon.  Highly productive and disease-resistant.

Monsooned Coffee Coffee deliberately exposed to monsoon winds in an open warehouse to increase body and reduce acidity.

Mouthfeel Describes the sensation in the mouth of weight or viscosity. Also: Body

Musty A smell associated with earthy.As a taint, the coffee will smell of a musty cellar.  Slight mustiness is not always a taint, especially in aged or monsooned coffees.

N ]

National Coffee Association (NCA) A trade association for the coffee industry.

Natural Process Coffee processing method that involves removing the husk or fruit after the coffee fruit has been dried.  By utilizing only ripe fruit and drying carefully, this method can produce coffees that are complex and fruity.

New Crop Green coffee from the recent harvest available after processing. Also: Current Crop

Nippy A taste sensation perceived from a very clean high-acidity coffee.

Nose The combination of taste and smell when swallowing coffee.  The aroma component of aftertaste.Most commonly caramelly, nutty or malty.

Nutty The aromatic sensation of roasted nuts, often found in brewed coffee.

O ]

Oily Term used to describe the surface of roasted coffee; denotes darker roasts.

Old-Crop Green coffee that has been held in a warehouse and is available in the later half of the harvest cycle, but still within the harvest year.

Organic A term used to describe coffee that has been certified by a third-party agency as having been grown and process without the use of pesticides, herbicides or similar chemicals. Also: Certified-Organic Coffee, Organic Certified

P ]

Pacamara A variety of Coffea arabica that is a cross between maragogype and pacas.

Pacas A variety of Coffea arabica that is a cross between caturra and bourbon; produces good yields and can perform at medium to high elevations.

Parchment A thin, crumbly skin covering wet-processed coffee beans after they have been de-pulped and dried. Also: Pergamino

Parchment Coffee Wet-processed coffee with the dried parchment skin still covering the bean.The parchment is removed by milling prior to roasting. Also: In Parchment, En Pergamino

Past-Crop Green coffee that has been held in a warehouse and is available from the previous harvest year.

Patio-Dried Coffee dried by exposing it to the heat of the sun by spreading and raking it in thin layers on open patios. Also: Sun Dried

Peaberry A small, round bean formed when only one seed, rather than the usual two, develops in a coffee cherry. Also: Caracol

Perforated Drum A type of drum roaster with a drum that is fully perforated on the sides.

Piquant A pronounced and pleasant pungent acidity; slightly tart or biting.

Pointed Coffee with a fine, acidic sharpness.

Processing The way in which coffee is prepared at origin.  The type of processing, such as washed or dry-processed, can determine the presence and strength of certain aromas and tastes in the coffee.

Profile An analysis of the temperature path of coffee during the roasting process, usually in the form of a time and temperature graph.

Profile Roasting The science of controlling the rate of heat transfer into the coffee during the roasting process, with the goals of repeatability and optimized flavor.  Also, as a verb, taking a measurable and repeatable action during the roast process to affect a change in the taste of the coffee by changing the roast profile.

Profile Roasting System A roasting control system utilizing electronic process control hardware to manipulate the burner, airflow and/or drum rotation speed.

Profiling The act of profile roasting and/or the act of making a hard copy profile of a roast temperature path, often in the form of a graph.

Pruny The fruit-like taste reminiscent of prune found in some dark-roast coffees.

Pulp The part of the coffee cherry that is removed during processing. Also: Mucilage

Pulping Removing the outermost skin of the coffee cherry.

Pungent A primary taste sensation related to the presence of bitter compounds.Usually from phenolic compounds that range in taste from creosoty to alkaline.

Pyrolysis During roasting, the chemical breakdown of fats and carbohydrates into the delicate oils that provide the aroma and much of the flavor of coffee.

R ]

Rainforest Alliance A certification that designates that a coffee has been grown in accordance with the guidelines of Rainforest Alliance.  These guidelines are geared toward ecosystem protection and conservation, as well as sustainable social practices.

Resonant Descriptive term for a long, pleasing aftertaste. Also: Recurring

Rich Mainly a descriptor for bouquet.Also used to indicate depth and complexity of flavor, big pleasing aroma and full body.

Roast Initiation The third stage of roasting, when beans swell to around 150 percent of their normal size.  Elements within the beans begin to caramelize, giving the beans their brown color.

Roast Style The way in which coffee beans are roasted.  Can be described as light, medium and dark, as well as in traditional terms like Cinnamon and Full City .

Roasters Guild A trade guild of the Specialty Coffee Association of America consisting of specialty roasters dedicated to the craft of roasting quality coffee.

Robusta A high-bearing, disease-resistant coffee species that produces coffee with higher caffeine content than Coffea arabica. Also: Coffea Canephora

Round Commonly used term for a balanced and rich coffee. Also: Full

Rounded A quantitative descriptor for a moderate bouquet